Frequently asked questions about MedFlashGo

How do I subscribe?

You will need an Alexa-enabled device such as an Echo Dot, Echo, Echo plus, etc. Once you have access to a device, you must link an Alexa account to the device in order to use the skill. Once MedFlashGo has been enabled on the device, say “buy subscription” to purchase a subscription utilizing in-skill purchasing. Once you have a subscription you may access all questions of MedFlashGo via your Amazon Alexa application on your phone or via your device.

Why do I need an Alexa and how much does it cost?

An Alexa-device is required to utilize skills and purchase subscriptions via “in-skill purchasing.”

Alexa devices start as low as $25, however, the price varies by website. If the cost is too high or your budget is tight, consider asking for a dot as an early gift from a friend or family member!

In comparison to other medical study tools, the overall cost of MedFlashGo is significantly less.  We have tried to remain conscientious of medical students’ budgets and want to provide an affordable price point for medical students.

How much does the subscription cost?

$10/month + tax. Please note that the cost is subject to change as we improve the skill and add additional questions and features.

You will be made aware of any price increase in the future.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to “grandfather” at a certain price point given the nature of the Alexa platform.

How do I cancel a subscription?

Just say “Cancel Subscription” while utilizing MedFlashGo on an Alexa device. Please note that subscriptions are non-refundable and once you cancel, you will have access to the skill until the next pay period.

Any example videos?

Introduction Video:

Example video 1:

How do I provide feedback or ask additional questions?

Join our FaceBook group and we will be glad to answer questions personally. We want to provide a great experience to users and let them know we are here to create an awesome application. Join here.

Is this skill available internationally?

Some users have requested to use this skill outside of the United States. Unfortunately, at this time the skill is only available for U.S. users. In the future, the skill will be available internationally as Amazon expands it’s in-skill purchasing capabilities.

How do I share this with my medical school and is there a class discount?

Please let us know if you are interested in sharing this tool with your class by emailing: We are discussing interesting ways to connect with medical schools about this product. A simple way to apply this skill at your medical school is to ask for permission to have a school-purchased Alexa device and purchase a subscription in a public area on the medical school campus.

At this time, we are unable to incentivize group purchasing because of the nature of the Alexa platform. In the future, we may be able to provide a discount. Please note that Amazon may be able to run a promotion on their own, to decrease the cost.

Why should I Use MedFlashGo when I already have a bunch of other study materials?

MedFlashGo is a supplemental tool that fills in the gaps of time you would not otherwise have (such as on a commute, on a walk, while cooking, etc).  This tool is also incredibly fast and can be used with mobility. MedFlashGo allows you to rest your eyes, reduce your need to write notes and get away from a computer screen. You can take advantage of audio/verbal learning and increase your confidence for important associations you must know for boards, shelf exams, and your future career as a physician.

Why should I use MedFlashGo when I’m not a good audio/verbal learner?

One of the huge shifts from academic curricula to clinical experiences is learning via verbal communication. One of the main ways information is communicated in the hospital is via verbal communication amongst hospital staff and teams. Being a strong audio/verbal communicator with effective recall is an essential skill. If you find this is a weakness of yours or you are nervous about being asked questions on clinical rotations, this may be exactly the type of tool you need!

How many questions does that database have?

We have just over 1,000 questions in our database with plans to increase the database and refine questions as we develop the product. We want to take your input into account so we can give you awesome content and make sure the questions are well-constructed and helpful. Have ideas on ways to improve our content? Let us know!

Are these questions “high-yield?”

Content has been curated to reflect high-yield associations commonly tested on boards examinations.

Where can I use MedFlashGo?

You can really use this skill anywhere as long as you have internet. Once you subscribe to MedFlashGo with an Alexa device, you can use the Amazon Alexa application on your phone and take this skill with you on the go. Example uses include cooking, cleaning, driving, walking, lounging, before getting out of bed, before going to sleep, etc.

Any tips on using the skill?

With Category mode, you have the option of studying questions in the specific category you are focusing on. If you are studying Cardiology (for example), try out some cardiology questions to start. As we work on expanding our database, there will be plenty of questions and associations to master.

With Random mode, you have the option to learn all types of questions and really test your medical knowledge.

We recommend creating a routine to make MedFlashGo a HABIT (like brushing your teeth). For example, “10, 10, 10.” Ten questions before you get out of bed, ten questions when you get home, and 10 questions before you go to sleep. You just completed 30 additional questions to enhance your medical knowledge!

What should I do if I find a mistake/issue on MedFlashGo?

Join our FaceBook group here and we will be glad to answer questions/concerns personally. We want to provide a great experience to users and let them know we are here to create an awesome application. In the future, we may offer an option to dispute a question in-skill, however at this current time this option does not currently exist. We are diligently working on improving the questions as we go and will correct any issues with content as they arise.