Medical Flashcards On The Go!

MedFlashGo is the first interactive voice-based question bank for medical students studying for boards and shelf exams. It works through the Amazon Alexa platform to create an amazing question and answer experience.

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Useful Features

  • 1000+ medical-based questions
  • Voice interactive, hands-free experience
  • Category mode lets you decide which topic you want to study (i.e. Cardiology, Nephrology, Microbiology, etc.)
  • Short answer and multiple-choice questions
  • Useful tips and additional facts provided after questions
  • Option to utilize in your car or while on the go (*with select-devices*)
  • Can be used with Alexa-enabled devices such as the Amazon Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, etc.
  • User Feedback and interaction via our Facebook group

How To Get Started!

Step 1: Purchase a device compatible with Alexa such as an Echo Dot.  If you already have an Alexa device, go to step 2!

Step 2: Using your smart device, download the Amazon Alexa application. Once downloaded, follow the steps to create an account or click here.

Step 3: Once an account is made, log into your account and go to settings > voice purchasing > View 1-click preferences (this will be a blue link in the purchase by voice section) > edit payment method (this will allow you to link your account information).

Step 4:  Once your account is set up search “MedFlashGo” in the Skills and Games section in the Alexa application or Click this link and enable MedFlashGo!

Step 5: Invoke the skill by saying “Alexa Open MedFlashGo” to begin.

Become A Medical Pro With MedFlashGo

Get Started 

10 Complimentary questions when you initiate the skill

All-Access subscription, now available for $10/month

*To activate MedFlashGo subscription, open MedFlashGo on your device and finish 10 questions or say the phrase “buy subscription”*

**Please note: price is subject to change as we expand our question bank and enhance MedFlashGo. Early subscribers have been provided a deep discount!**


Ways to use MedFlashGo

Waking Up

Crank out questions before you get out of bed!

On The Road

Get your device connected in the car and you can do questions on the way to the hospital!

At Home

While you are cooking, cleaning, or just lounging at the house, you can add a round of questions!

Before Bed

Solidify those facts just before you call it a night!

Students, Thank You For Your Hard Work, Compassion, And Care!


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